Laguna del Mar

Investment Opportunities

Why Puerto Peñasco?

  1. Puerto Peñasco for many years has been a well-established tourist destination and we understand that government policies seek to enhance existing tourist destinations.
  2. Because development in Puerto Peñasco so far has been mainly through private investment, lacking public investment or promotion.
  3. Policies from the 3 levels of government have focused on bringing about infrastructure projects that will empower and promote Puerto Peñasco both inside and outside, allowing for significant development in Puerto Peñasco, which so far has come about through private initiative.
  4. Given its location and characteristics, Puerto Peñasco offers an the entry to a new market for Mexico. Rocky Point does not compete with existing and established destinations.
  5. The macro-economic conditions in Mexico are inspiring confidence in foreign investment: low inflation, strong currency and low interest rates.
  6. Because it is located in northwest Sonora, 80 miles from the border with the United States and only 3.5 hours from the major cities of Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, as well as close proximity to the State of California, 4.5 hours, making it an excellent destination for residential tourism.

Why Laguna del Mar?

  1. Because most of the developments in Puerto Peñasco are uniform by nature. The LAGUNA DEL MAR Master Plan has been designed to be a UNIQUE DEVELOPMENT in Puerto Peñasco by “differentiating” its real estate offerings:
    ● Low Density project
  • Low-rise buildings
  • Spacious green areas & water
  • Low & affordable HOA fees.
  1. The first part of LAGUNA DEL MAR’s urbanization and infrastructure is already complete, allowing for rapid recovery on short-term investment and enhancement of remaining sites to be developed.
  2. It features urbanized lots for residential use, tourism, and hotels, 40 hectares of interior lagoons surrounding a Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Course, high-quality underground infrastructure including fiber-optics, power lines, hydraulics, etc., which is not common in the region
  3. Development authorization agreement and condominium regime in effect which allows for more than 5500 units. The project also possesses environmental, federal zone & water concessions.
  4. Given approval by the Arizona Public Report, the planned Isla Conchilla sub-community is ready for immediate development.
  5. One of the greatest advantages of LAGUNA DEL MAR is that of possessing land at different stages of development (urbanized, pending urbanization & land reserve)
  6. It offers financing plans and various options.
  7. The 290 hectares and all improvements are owned by a prestigious consortium of Spanish investors including TIASTA/SALVAGO, IBERDROLA and AURANTIA. They in turn appointed SALVAGO as its representative in Mexico to operate the development.



Puerto Peñasco, also known as Rocky Point, is nestled in the northwestern corner of the Mexican state of Sonora on Mexican highway #8 approximately 65 miles from the Lukeville, AZ/ Plutarco Elias Calles (Sonoyta) border crossing.

The area is just 3.5 hours away by car from the most important cities in Arizona, including Phoenix and Tucson. Similarly, with the new Coastal Highway, San Diego, CA is just 4.5 hours away, also by car. This road was recently extended and now connects directly to Sandy Beach, providing just a 7 minute drive from Laguna del Mar to Sandy Beach.

As Puerto Peñasco is within what is known as the “Free Zone,” visitors do not face additional immigration procedures or vehicle permits (car or boat) during their stay. Mexican car insurance, however, is required.

Recognized for the diversity of its marine life, Puerto Peñasco is located on the Sea of Cortez on one of the largest bays in the world, part of which has been declared an Ecological Reserve.

The area also possesses tranquil estuaries and beaches of fine sand. The surrounding desert landscape contrasts with the deep blue sea and sandy beaches.

Puerto Peñasco is situated amidst the dunes of the Desert of Altar, which extend into the Sonoran Desert of neighboring Arizona. The nearby Pinacate Biosphere Reserve, which in 2013 was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, allows visitors to observe majestic craters and contrasting desert shades produced by the sun’s rays.

Fishing and tourism are the most important economic activities in the area, with tourism pulling ahead of fishing in more recent years.


Puerto Peñasco has 100 km. of coastline, possessing a rich biodiversity of flora and fauna.

The climate is predominantly warm and dry – average maximum temperature of 27.6 C° (80°F).

It has an international airport (presently for charter and private planes), and a Convention Center with capacity for 2,000 people.

The Coastal Highway from the Golfo de Santa Clara to Puerto Penasco has become a passage from Southern California via Yuma, Arizona, allowing a large number of visitors from California and Nevada to more easily access Puerto Peñasco.

Currently, the 3 levels of government have focused their efforts on beautifying Puerto Peñasco through different types of infrastructure.

In addition, construction on a cruise ship “Home Port” is currently underway. This will make Puerto Peñasco the departure and returning point for thousands of tourists visiting the Sea of Cortez.

The city of Puerto Peñasco currently offers various services such as hotels, motels, 3 golf courses, fishing, communications, medical services, banks, shops, entertainment, and restaurants where one can enjoy regional cuisine, seafood and international dishes.